Welcome to Surf Cafe

How the Surf Cafe began:

Like so many other people in their wonder years (as in "I wonder what I should do tonight"), I found myself at a loss for a lekker spot to hang out. The local pub was just way over done and frankly I was over the mindlessness of the usual Friday night antics, but also couldn't do the standard formal restaurant thing either, besides the fact that my pocket definitely couldn't cope with the current costs associated with this kind of entertainment. So what to do?

I had been at a good friend's 30th birthday party one night at what used to be the Surf Café in its previous form: an internet café with the occasional night time musical soire or in this case party. I recall saying to the birthday girl how I felt the venue had so much potential and she looked at me and said, "Well it so happens that the current owners had decided to close." She went on to mention that it was coming available as at the end of the month. Well wasn't that just food for thought!

I could remember back to when, years earlier, I used to drive past the building and think to myself, "Wow, that could be a great spot for a restaurant." Mexican style and food was the initial thought. Who knew that 3 years down the line, with not only a lekker spot to hang out in, but also a successful little restaurant with good Mexican representation in that very spot! It feels like it all happened as if it were meant to be.

The following Monday after the birthday party, I popped in to have a cup of coffee with a longtime friend who ran a shop in the same centre and after asking her who I should chat to about the Surf Café venue, the strangest chain of events followed.

My friend had scarcely begun to tell me who the landlord was and who the managing agents were and in walked someone from the agent's office.

Now was this coincidental?

I stumbled over my words as what began as a by the way inquiry to my friend, turned into a way more formal who, what, where, how and of course how much. After a few minutes of on the spot exchanges, the property agent looked at me and asked, "Would you like to meet with the landlord, it so happens that he is going to be in town tomorrow, just for a day?"

PHEW! I hadn't even gone further than to wonder what the deal was, let alone have a plan, but hey there was already way too much momentum to stop now! So 7 am the following morning I was sitting on the balcony of the Surf Café in a light drizzle hatching an idea and committing to submitting a business plan to the landlord. At this stage there would be only a couple of weeks before taking occupation.

Having been a chef for 15 or so years with 7 of them spent traveling around the world, my little peanut was by no means void of ideas, both in terms of menu and concepts, but which ones to employ here and which ones would work. More of a worry was how on earth was I going to finance it.

Now I have 2 main passions in life, food and surfing. Both I can't live without and of all my years of traveling, the best ones were the surf trips in between the work stints which financed them. So why not a spot that keeps that feeling alive? As for menu, drawing from 5 trips to Mexico, 4 to Peru and 2 to Indonesia and the lekker simplicity of their cuisine, it all just kinda fell into place. When yet another good friend who so perfectly designed our logo, cleverly added "Social Food" as a slogan to our design, well that just catured the essence of what I wanted.

SURF CAFÉ "Social Food" was born. The kind of spot I'd want to hang out in. Not really a pub, yet not only a restaurant either, but a great, relaxed venue with delicious, yet simple authentic food done to the highest standard. These high standards I am passionate about. My approach is "hands on" and I don't hesitate to jump back into the kitchen and ensure we can maintain the highest food standards.

One of the earlier tenants had wisely installed a stage in one corner and it seemed wrong that this should be wasted, so live music was a must. Our predecessors had also run an internet café, which fitted in with the mix rather well and catered especially for fellow travelers.  And so the concept evolved into the thriving community-supported business.

"An intimate live music venue with flavors from our favorite surf trips, internet facilities and lest we forget the feeling of traveling, a great selection of surf, kitesurf, snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard etc, dvd's on the big screen to remind us what life is all about: "Living!"

I'd like to welcome you guys to our little spot, we'll keep you posted of upcoming performances, let you know what's happening and worth checking out and with our great franchise opportunities, link with good people from all over the world. Join our facebook group: we love Surf Cafe. See you soon for some Nachos, cold beer and good times!